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National Premium SEO Package


Recommended for businesses targeting a national or international audience.

National SEO packages address the search marketing needs of companies which have a national reach or ambition. Since the targeted area is not limited like local campaigns, the national SEO campaign is more robust, and aggressive to address the higher level of competition in the organic search market. Our pre-designed SEO packages are fully customizable to meet the needs of your business.

  • National Premium Includes:
    • Cost is $1,750/mo
    • Up to 100 Keywords
    • Up to 30 Web Pages
    • Monthly Ranking Report
    • Monthly Link Outreach Campaign
    • Conversion Optimization

All National SEO Packages Include:

  • Technical SEO Audit: The technical SEO audit is a comprehensive review of the technical aspects of a website which can impact the ability of a website to compete in search engine result pages. The technical SEO is a fundamental part of the search engine optimization campaign.
  • Ranking Reports: Two types of ranking reports are generated for each SEO campaign, the baseline report which establishes the starting point of the project, followed by monthly ranking reports which track the incremental ranking improvements of the website.
  • Content Writing: Comprehensive content editing and content writing is included in every SEO campaign. The importance of high quality and useful content cannot be overstated. We work with clients to plan and generate the most appropriate type of content for their website.
  • Conversion Tracking: Whether it is existing traffic or new traffic generated through SEO efforts, it is important to understand how website visitors behave and which ones convert. This data, gathered through analytics software will help improve conversions.
  • Analytics Installation Traffic: analytics is another vital component of website traffic monitoring and search engine optimization efforts. If not present we will set up a new account for your website, and install the analytics tracking code.
  • Competitive Analysis: We will study and research the top competitors in your category, as well as secondary players in order to understand the competitive landscape of your particular SEO challenge, and develop our approach based on our findings.
  • Advanced On-Page SEO: The on-page optimization will include a deep analysis of the existing content, and HTML structure, which will then inform the technical as well as content and internal link profile optimization.
  • Title & Meta Tag Optimization: Titles and description meta tags of all pages selected for optimization will be reviewed and rewritten as necessary. The development of new titles will be based on initial site rankings and the keywords selected for the SEO campaign.


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